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Attend any event below; take a selfie and post to social media to promote the attendance of the events, make a flyer or post, print and turn in to me or write a reflection paper and print and  turn in to me for extra credit:

KCC Faculty Showcase Presents:

2nd Bi-Annual Faculty Radical Teach-In

10/16  MAC Lighthouse – all day

Moderated by: Prof. Katia Perea

Featuring: Radical Music DJ sets between class times


10:15 DJ Dead Prez “They” Schools

10:20-11:20 – Prof.Red Washburn (ENG 12) Composition I- “Speaking Out: Identity, Voice, and Resistance”

Lighthouse Breezeway – “Free Store” Prof. Feeley (ENG 24)- engaging in the experience of non-monetary economic activity, come trade your school supplies, books, art, music FOR FREE

11:25 DJ Chapman personal mix “Maya Angelou free-style”

11:30-12:30 – Prof.Christopher Chapman (CRJ 69) Policing- “Police Ethics and Police Deviance”

12:35 DJ Afrika Bambaataa “World Destruction”

12:40-1:40  – Profs.Dominick Wetzel (SOC 31) Introduction to Sociology & Meg Kalman Feeley (ENG 12) Composition I- “Two Spirits” Film and discussion on the Navajo and Native American transgender community

1:45 DJ Aly-Us “Follow Me”

1:50-2:50 Prof.Dhalia Valle (Hist 68) Women in American History- “Flappers: The Modern Woman”

2:50 DJ Nina Simone “Mississippi Goddam”, Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five “The Message”

3-6:30  – Prof. Katia Perea (SOC 31) Introduction to Sociology- “Paris is Burning” Film and discussion on LGBTQ communities of NYC. This event is sponsored by SAFE ZONE and will offer free pizza to the first 100 attendants.


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