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In my time studying the LAW and POLITICS, I have encountered no greater misunderstanding than that of the “legal” “immigrant”. This is not entirely surprising. We live in an age where citizenship is most often defined through our various identifications: 1) Passports; 2) Driver’s License; 3) Social Security Number; 4) Credit Score; 5) Library Card; 6) Social Media Account with Picture and Email Address; 7) And the list seems to go on an on.  I am also not certain, as an academic and a person living in this country, that such an organization of people is not a proper, necessary, or sensible arrangement. However, it has not always been and the design under the United States Constitution and prior Common Law. On this page I hope to present this contrast: how we consider documentation today and how that relates to our understandings of government and the concept of ORIGINS.


Case Study One: Sahib Leonard.

Sahib Leonard comes to me through my experience living in New York City. As many know NYC is shaped by immigrants and has been since it was colonized.




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