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Eco-Sapien is a personal project I began in earnest in 2011 after returning from a month spent learning with indigenous Mayans and Guatemalans. Since returning, I began working on reducing my footprint, both ecologically and socially, by making choices about products I bought and food I ate. This led to composting, reducing meat consumption, increasing vegetables and other natural foods, and ultimately into the lifestyle I have today. After meeting my wife in 2013 we launched Eco-Urban as a way of providing information and ideas about how to begin the change to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. We spent a year in nature on a houseboat and those experiences and experiments grew into a 800 plus square foot garden and courtyard. With plans for Eco-Land and Eco-Education in the works Eco-Sapien provides my narrative along with research and art. If you are interested please click here. 

Global Citizens: I believe a dialogue around a global “rule of law” is more important than ever. From violence to natural disaster preparation and the increased pressure of global economics means natural rights are at risk as governments look for solutions. Building on the call by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt to be history now I include some insights, resources, and research on this site. If you want to learn more please click here.


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