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When you’re so long gone, you can’t help yourself
When you’re so dead wrong
Let alone no one else

Well the children still dying in the streets
The babies still living with disease
The cops got guns, the poor folks got sons
Who work for Mr. Franklin every week

If you’ve come looking for hard times
Hard times ain’t hard to find
Cause we’ve been given that lifeline
Only once in a lifetime

Baby we were born
Maybe we were born
To be sure … to endure
When the storm comes

Got them sad eyes
Got them cat eyes
Got your angels tired

From saving your life

So you would be best
To contain yourself
Before you end up killed

His bare feet
Touch her bare feet
The air breaths sweet
At the mountains peak

And I forgot
What the wise man said
About that ancient thread

Baby we were born
Maybe we were born
To be sure … to rejoice
When it succumbs

Resources for immigrant families


Click here for resources from CUNY Law School.

Trump refuses handshake to save “beautiful” hands

“I mean, look at her hands. Disgusting. No lotion, no gloves, just out there in the world. Dirty stuff,”

Trump also commented that he had an upcoming photo shoot with the much better looking Under Secretary of Lumbergia -Sorel, a former holding of the German Chancellor’s government, and was mostly focused on that when reporters asked whether he had heard “handshake” during the photo – op.

When asked for comment, the German Chancellor responded, “I remember once my grandchild acted much the same way after being told he had too many cookies.”

This could mean more losing for Trump, and Americans, as the long economic relationship between the two countries is now at jeopardy. The handshake and no handshake gate will be worth watching. Time to take off the gloves Donny.





mini-lecture: the rise of state domination

Mini-Lecture: The Rise of State Domination.

Relevant Quotes from class:

“If no social institutions existed which knew the use of violence then the concept of ‘state’ (government) would be eliminated and a condition would emerge that could be designated as ‘anarchy’ (chaos-nongovernment).” Max Weber, Social Scientist, Politics as Vocation.

“Organized domination, which calls for continuous administration requires that human conduct be conditioned to obedience toward those masters who claim to be the bearers of legitimate power….” Max Weber, Social Scientist, Politics as Vocation.


a story about a us citizen harming a non citizen


This is part of a larger project to re-name immigrants of which we are all one. ¬†From out of the shadows and into the light, documented human. There is no legal significance attached to the term “illegal immigrant.” There are, however, serious social and political consequences for the repeated use of this term and the necessary dehumanization it brings. Meanwhile Congress has repeatedly failed to modernize immigration policy which, like health care and retirement, is based on old ideologies and ancient superstitions about human behavior and decision making.

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