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Fumbling Toward Legal Mobilization in the Community College Classroom.

Prospects for Legal Change in Climate Change at the Roosevelt House, NYC



For the Slides: click me


Politics of Plastic: Eco-Festival, Brooklyn, 2019










AAC&U Civic Learning & Democratic Engagement
AAC&U Engendering Safe Spaces through Dialogue + DCPAR
AASC&U, TDC Teaching and Assessing Civic Identity and Agency
Faculty Forum Civic Identity, Agency, and Advocacy

Faculty Forum D+CPAR Law and Society

Law & Society Divided Powers, Divided Justice
CUNY Tech Conference Beyond OER – Digital Spaceships

Eco-Fest 2012-16 Conditions for Ecological Awareness/Change
KCC Reads Law and Society thinking, writing, speaking

Writing Center Culturally Responsive Motivation in 10 minutes

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