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Mtg Grammar/Logic Science Art I A M C
Aristotle Virtues: King Alexander did not know HOW to. Make right use of his good fortune. Piety, Justice, Temperance, Valor.

Rules: Classical, Renaissance, Modern, Post Modern

The Practice of Grammar/Logic

Extra Credit: Word Games! TO be good is NOT To be evil.

  1. Tables
  2. Measurement of Change.
  3. Experiment Design
  4. Verify
  5. Document
  6. Earth as Temple
  7. MATH – Variables
  8. Probabilities
  9. Abstract v. Object
  10. Elements of
  11. Predict
  12. Examine
  13. Classify
  1. Community
  2. Expression
  3. Create + Practice
  4. Make It New; Difference

Writing/Stories: Myth Making/NOMOS

Drawing: Expression and Revision

Painting: Learning techniques

Music: Creation

Inclusion: Post Rules and Consequences on Wall Poster: talk about why and have her add 2 learning goals.

Attitude: Provide choices and explain process clearly; raise hand for my turn.

Meaning: Provide worksheets, make a grade book with her, check-in align goals, routines consistent.

Competence: 6 week assessment reports with Olivia. What worked, what did not, what is next. Stretch and chats for memory. Watch carefully for outside applications. 

One Hour. 1: Looking Glass Insects  (Listen & Draw)

Talk about the Names and Meaning: See Script (Reflections in Wonderland)

Learn: Abduction – Rule, Case, Result

Syllogism Test

Break (15 minutes)

Hour 2 Transition (15 minutes): Stretch and set up

Hour 2 remainder: K-1 Test

Lunch Break (45 minutes)

Hour 3 Transition (15 minutes) Quiet, peace, calm, music

Hour 3: Science/Art – Intro to Bugs – draw and color.    

Hour 4 Transition (15 minutes) stretch and chat

Hour 4: I read, she reads: Queen Alice; Aesop “The gnat and the bull.”

Choice: Painting Lesson, Music Lesson, Chess Lesson

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