Final Schedule

You can access the entire schedule by clicking here or visiting the KBCC website.


Pol 63: Tuesday 12/12               4-6PM      D321


Pol 66: Monday 12/18              11AM-1PM   M411


Pol 67: Wednesday 12/13         4-6PM   M339


Online students will have an exam online, due no later than Tuesday 12/18.


Attend any event below; take a selfie and post to social media to promote the attendance of the events, make a flyer or post, print and turn in to me or write a reflection paper and print and  turn in to me for extra credit:

KCC Faculty Showcase Presents:

2nd Bi-Annual Faculty Radical Teach-In

10/16  MAC Lighthouse – all day

Moderated by: Prof. Katia Perea

Featuring: Radical Music DJ sets between class times


10:15 DJ Dead Prez “They” Schools

10:20-11:20 – Prof.Red Washburn (ENG 12) Composition I- “Speaking Out: Identity, Voice, and Resistance”

Lighthouse Breezeway – “Free Store” Prof. Feeley (ENG 24)- engaging in the experience of non-monetary economic activity, come trade your school supplies, books, art, music FOR FREE

11:25 DJ Chapman personal mix “Maya Angelou free-style”

11:30-12:30 – Prof.Christopher Chapman (CRJ 69) Policing- “Police Ethics and Police Deviance”

12:35 DJ Afrika Bambaataa “World Destruction”

12:40-1:40  – Profs.Dominick Wetzel (SOC 31) Introduction to Sociology & Meg Kalman Feeley (ENG 12) Composition I- “Two Spirits” Film and discussion on the Navajo and Native American transgender community

1:45 DJ Aly-Us “Follow Me”

1:50-2:50 Prof.Dhalia Valle (Hist 68) Women in American History- “Flappers: The Modern Woman”

2:50 DJ Nina Simone “Mississippi Goddam”, Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five “The Message”

3-6:30  – Prof. Katia Perea (SOC 31) Introduction to Sociology- “Paris is Burning” Film and discussion on LGBTQ communities of NYC. This event is sponsored by SAFE ZONE and will offer free pizza to the first 100 attendants.



The Carroll and Milton Petrie Foundation Student Emergency Grant Fund provides financial assistance to KCC students who are currently enrolled, are in good academic standing and are facing short-term financial emergencies.  The goal is to provide students with the financial relief necessary for them to remain in school, rather than having to drop out due to factors outside of their control. The amount per award is determined based on the scope of the student’s particular emergency. Students must meet CUNY regulations and guidelines as they pertain to receiving financial support.


Examples of emergency include, but are not limited to:

  • Loss of job by student or family member
  • Fire, flooding or other natural disaster affecting living quarters
  • Theft of computer, textbooks or other academic equipment
  • Medical bills for uninsured or uncovered events
  • Eyeglasses or essential dental work
  • Travel for death of immediate family member
  • Homelessness or impending homelessness due to loss of housing or temporary inability to pay rent/mortgage
  • Loss of child care
  • Need for season-appropriate clothing, or clothing necessary for work or job interview
  • On-campus food services for student and immediate family members
  • Transportation fees and fares to school or medical appointments


Students who are interested in applying for this grant must visit A-217 (Enrollment Management) to fill out a formal application.  IMPORTANT: to be considered for this grant, a student MUST provide credible documentation of his or her emergency.  Applications that do not include accompanying documentation will not be considered

Take a FUN & Engaging Civics Course

Interested in a civil rights course for the Fall, consider:

an all expenses paid trip to the new Smithsonian African American History Museum.

The course is History 19 and meets Monday, Wednesday Thursday, 11:30-12:30.

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