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A Socio-Legal Analysis of Space, Time, and Volume (the unlightness of being)


Methodological Predicament:

10 States with the Largest Stateless Populations.

1. Cote d’Ivoire

2-5: Bangladesh; Myanmar; Thailand; Malaysia

6. Latvia

7. Syria

8. Uzbekistan

9. Kuwait

10. Estonia


  1. Palestine refugees and displaced persons who are receiving assistance from UNRWA are not reported in the UNHCR-collated global statelessness data because their situation is covered by UNRWA.
  2. The case of Keswar: Guyana; Canada; U.S.; New York City.
  3. The case of Luis; Maya; Guatemala; Mexico; U.S.; Mexico, Louissiana, Florida.

Vocabulary and Definitions:

Internally Displaced Persons (a legal status)

Refugee (a legal status)

Asylmum Seeker (a legal status)

Migrant Worker (a legal status)

Immigrant (a legal status)

Contemporary Case Studies:

  1. The U.S.-Mexico Border States and the Central American Diaspora;
  2. The Hungarian-EU stituation in re: Syria;
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